I have not been blogging about F1 much this year.  I don’t know why really.  I love it just as much as ever, but for whatever reason I am just not writing about it.  Not that I think anybody really cares.

This weekend’s race was at Spa in Belgium.  I hate this race.  It always rains and I hate that.  I worry there will be crashes and people will get hurt.  Well, the good news is, it didn’t rain.  But, see this?

Yeah, the cars are not supposed to look like that.  Four cars got taken out of the race in the first corner thanks to Roman Grosjean.  He tried to pass Lewis Hamilton, and was far too optimistic about his chances.  And as a result we get this:

Alonso was on the bottom of that pile in his Ferrari.  One car ran over the front of his car, another one almost ran over his head.  All I can say is thank goodness I was watching in the evening drinking a beer instead of in the morning drinking coffee.  I fear my heart might have burst right out of my chest.  It was only the Rolling Rock that saved me.

It took Alonso a while to get out of the car.  The medical staff was talking to him and everything.  That is not usually a good sign.  As an experiment during this time I thought I would see how many times I could say ohmygodohmygodohmygod with inhaling.  The answer is really a lot.

Of course the important things here are nobody got hurt, nobody got hurt, and nobody got hurt.

And it just goes to show you that even when it doesn’t rain you can get taken out of the race through no fault of your own.

But I still don’t like it when it rains, and I still hate this track.



The Belgian Grand Prix report

I hate Spa.  It’s in Belgium.  You probably guessed that from the title of this blog post.  I don’t hate Spa because it is in Belgium, but I hate it just the same.  It is a beautiful track, winding through the forest, and it is very historic, but it is fraught with peril.  Do you know why?  I can answer that question in one word.  Rain.

And not just ordinary rain.  Sometimes it rains on the whole track, but sometimes it only rains on part of the track.  This is the worst possible scenario, and that is what happened this weekend.

If it only rains on part of the track you have to decide between wet weather tires and dry weather tires (also called slicks).  I know, it seems like a no-brainer, you should use wet weather tires, right?  Well, maybe not.  Because if most of the track is dry, you will shred your tires in just a few laps.  This is very bad.  But on the other hand, if you stay on dry tires you will slide all over the place when you get to the wet part of the track.  It’s a nightmare.  I hate rain, I hate it when the teams have to make guesses about the tires, and I hate Spa.

So, anyway, Mark Webber was on pole, Lewis Hamilton was second and Sebaistian Vettel was third.  Poor Fernando Alonso, who has no luck at Spa was all the way in tenth place.  Horrible. But, I was cautiously optimistic.  At least I was until Ruben Barrichello, (who by the way was starting his 300th Grand Prix) ran right into him!  Bastard!  Happily Alonso managed to get back to the pits for some quick repairs and got back out into the race.  I can’t say the same for Barrichello.

Cars were sliding all over the place.  It was awful.  And the worst of it was that Alonso ended up wrecking later in the race and retiring.  It was very scary because his car was stopped in the middle of the track.  Other cars were whizzing by him.  I was screaming at the TV “Get out of the car!” and “Be careful!”  It scared me to death.

In the end Lewis Hamilton won and Mark Webber came in second.  Huzzah.  I am rooting for Mark Webber to win the World Driver’s Championship if Alonso can’t win it.  So go Webber!