Homecoming was actually a couple of weeks ago, but I am a Very Bad Mommy and I am just now getting around to posting the Royal Photo.

Ta da

With many thanks to her friend D’s mom who took these photos for me.

Here’s another one

Doesn’t she look beautiful?  I think so.  But, of course, I might be just ever so slightly biased.

She spent the day hanging out with her friends, and they all got ready at D’s house.  Then they all went to the dance in their usual herd.  She did not have a date.  This is fine with me.

But I fear it is only a matter of time….


Had we but Legos enough and Time

With apologies to Andrew Marvell for stealing his line (sort of).

So, today we went to Reiman Gardens to see the giant Lego sculptures.  Honestly, it was not a very good day to to to Reiman Gardens.  It was hot, it was humid, and it is really early in the growing season.  So, no roses, and not many flowers of any kind really.  The tulips are all done and the daffodils were looking pretty spent.  But, we weren’t there to see flowers.  We were there to see Legos

Or flowers made of Legos.  How handy.

There were many different sculptures.

The children contemplate the Lego fox and Lego bunny

I especially like the bunny

Extreme Bunny close up

At every sculpture O would look at the map and announce how many individual blocks were in the piece.  And every time C would say “I’ve built bigger”.  Eventually this led to this conversation:

O:  No you haven’t.

C:  Yes I have.

O:  Okay, so where is it?

C:  It’s in Denmark.

C:  It’s a life size model of the world.

O:  Right, like that would really fit in Denmark.


Anyway, C is sure he could build these things himself.  “I just need enough Legos and enough time mom.”

I’m sure he could.

Oh, and did I mention the giant gnome?

Love this guy

He is not made of Legos.

(more photos on the Reiman Garden website here)

Eighth Grade Formal

I can’t believe my baby princess is at her first dance tonight.  It is the 8th grade “formal” but it isn’t really a formal.  In fact they don’t even officially call it a “Formal” anymore, but all the kids do.  That’s how that kind of thing usually works.

Princess O and I went dress shopping down in the Big City a couple of weeks ago.  As I predicted she ended up buying the first dress she tried on.  But not before trying on a lot of other options first.  I think she chose wisely, don’t you?

Her Highness all dressed up

She is just going with her friends.  She seemed to find the idea of going with an actual boy kind of unpleasant.  So, you know, I’ve got that going for me.  At least for a little longer.

T came over to see her off.  I really like this picture.

And so there was a lot of high-pitched squealing when I dropped her off. Everybody looked really pretty and the boys were all in black.  Apparently the party is being catered by a favorite local restaurant.  And there will be a chocolate fountain.  Yum.

I have to go back and pick her up in a couple hours.  I cannot wait to hear all about it.

The Digs

I have been meaning to take pictures of my new apartment for a while, but every time I think of it it’s dark outside and I know it would all look very gloomy.

So, here are a few photos.

The living room

More of the living room

The dining area.

It is still a work in progress.  There are still some boxes and some spare furniture lying around.   But I think it is more or less finished.  I still haven’t decided whether or not to show you pictures of the bedrooms upstairs.  I am thinking no.

First day of School

Wow.  It is the first day of school already.  Where has the summer gone?

The C-Man started at the Middle School today.  Grade 6.  My baby!  Waaah!  The kids are with T right now, so I went over to the house for breakfast and to see them off.

The look pretty happy to be going back if you ask me:

It was a big morning.  First breakfast and The Big Middle School sendoff, then I came home to wait for my furniture to be delivered:

Some Assembly Required

But more about that tomorrow.

It was also my first day at work!  I am no longer a woman of leisure.  I am an EA at one of the local elementary schools.  The elementary school, in fact, that O and C attended.  So that’s nice.  I know all the teachers, I know the routine, I subbed there last spring, and it will be fun.

But really, I just cannot believe my baby is in Middle School.  I think I need to lie down now.

If you build it, he will come

I know, I know, it isn’t terribly original.  But I couldn’t resist.  Today we packed a picnic and piled the Peskies into the car for a trip to the Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville, Iowa.  It is quite a trek, about two and a half hours in the car.  But T and I like driving around in the car, and as for the Peskies, well we didn’t ask them.

I’m so glad we took the opportunity to go over there.  The whole site is for sale and who knows what will happen to it.  Plus it was a beautiful day, and the corn was still standing at the edge of the outfield.

We had lunch, played some catch, ran the bases.  And of course we stopped at the souvenir stand.

We got home in time to walk downtown for dinner at a local brew-pub and dessert at a bakery that specializes in cupcakes.  Yummy.

A few more photos

Princess O had her regularly scheduled riding lesson today.  But, she was not riding Casino.  Scandal!  She was riding Que instead (and in case you were wondering Que is pronouned queue – go figure).

Tom came along with his fancy-pants camera to take some pictures of her jumping.  I cannot take pictures when she is jumping because keeping her on the horse requires all my powers of concentration.  And now without any further blathering, here is Her Royal Highness:


Wow it is hot and stinky here.  We are having record floods in town.  Worse than 1993 even.  So far things here are fine. There is some water in the basement, but nothing earth-shattering and I wanted to pull that carpet up anyway.  Here are some pictures I took around around our neighborhood.

And here is some raw video of the Hilton Coliseum, which apparently has something like 5 feet of water in it.  Yikes

Both the Wal Mart and the Target are flooded.  Oh no!  All those school supplies!

It is going to be a long, smelly couple of days.  And it isn’t even so bad in our neighborhood.

I’m back

Did you miss me?  Hah!  Liars, you didn’t even realize I was gone did you?

I have returned from my brother’s wedding. It was lovely.  And we had a wonderful time in the Bay Area too.  I am much to tired to be clever and entertaining right now, so you will have to settle for a couple of pictures.  We do clean up nice.

He's wearing a tie!

The Princess in her Groomsmaid dress

Sadly I don’t have any pictures of Tom in his fancy-pants clothes, because he was taking the pictures.  I will have to try to get one from my mom.

At the end of the day