Random Stuff

So this spring has come and gone and I have been a bad bad mommy and not recorded much of it.

Today being mother’s day the children gave me gifts.  I took them to Target on Thursday so they could pick these gifts out.  C gave me a candy bouquet.  It was a green cup filled with Junior Mints, and it had chocolate Twizzlers sticking up in it like flowers.  Delicous.  He also gave me a giant Toblerone bar and a pink carnation.

O gave me a set of three notebooks in rainbow colors.  One has lined paper, one has blank paper and one has graph paper.  She also gave me a big packet of pens.  Awesome.

Tonight we went to Hickory Park for dinner, and there was some interesting dinner conversation.  A couple examples:

O:  If I ate myself would I disappear or would I become twice as big?

C:  When I’m an adult and I do something revolutionary with science, I am going to cross animal and human DNA to give people super-powers.

Once again I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have normal children.


I’m not sure what this means…

I was giving the C-man a hug this morning, and, as I do every morning I said “my best boy”  He responded with “my best mommy.”   Then he paused and said “of course you’re my only mommy, so technically that makes you my worst mommy too.”

Then he wanted oatmeal.


First day of school

My sweet baby princess is in high school.  Does she look older?

I am frankly, stunned.

She was pretty nervous.  Last night she wrapped herself up in her bedclothes and announced that she was a burrito.  And that burritos do not go to Big Scary High School.  I informed her that burritos do in fact go to Big Scary High School.  She disagreed.  I disagreed back.  In the end, I won (of course).

I drove her to school.  The cheerleaders were wearing their uniforms.  It was just like Glee!

She says she got lost twice, but she did manage to find the exits when school got out.  She said she had to carry her lunchbox with her all morning because she couldn’t find her locker.  She also said she still hasn’t found the bathrooms.  I suggested she get that one figured out pretty quickly.

C-man, meanwhile started seventh grade.  Ta da:

He looks thrilled, doesn’t he?  He was not at all excited to go back to school.  Declaring school torture and awful.  I feel bad for him.  I hated school too.  He seemed happier after school today.  He said he thinks this year will be better.

Watch this space



I feel old

A couple of things have happened this week.  Both of them made me feel ancient.  First, the C-man took the city bus to the comic book store on Saturday.  All by himself.  He wanted to go to the YuGiOh tournament, but he didn’t have a ride.  So he took himself there.  Wow.  I was really proud of him.  It was a very brave thing to do.

The second thing made me feel positively geriatric.  I friended Princess O on Facebook.  She has her own FB account now.  Happily I am her friend, so I can snoop on her and her friends.  Bwaa haa haa.  I wonder if I will learn anything interesting.  I hope not.


Here’s a head scratcher for you.  I overheard this fragment of a conversation between Princess O and the C-man tonight.

C:  “If you use a monkey to kill someone it was the monkey who killed them not you.”

O:  “What if I use a dead monkey?”


Don’t Freak Out

This will be my new mantra.  Why?  Because last night T and I went to high school orientation with my beautiful baby princess.  High School!  I feel like we just went to Kindergarten round-up.  I think that was last week.

But, apparently time stands still for no man or baby princess and there we were.  O went to the gym with the rest of the incoming freshmen for chat with current students and a tour of the building.  The adults were herded into the cafeteria for a panel discussion from the principal, students and parents.

I learned two things.  The first is, don’t freak out.  I am not sure I can do that, but I will try.  The second thing I learned is that there are a lot of activities and your child should join lots and lots and lots of them.  Not a problem.  I predict Princess O will want to join so many clubs and be in so many activities that she will have to clone herself just to get everything done.  We will have to keep an eye on that.

Most of the information last night was stuff I had heard before.  Most recently at the last big freak-out session, middle school orientation.  There are three booster clubs at the school so I expect there will be a lot of fundraising.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I did not particularly enjoy high school.  The only two good things to come out of it were my very best BFF ever (And you know who you are) and learning how to type.  I could have skipped the rest of it.  I hope O enjoys the next four years.  I expect she will.  She is a pretty great, self confident social kid.

And of course we both just have to remember: don’t freak out.

The trusty sidekick

Princess O had softball practice today.  And C-man had a gift card to the comic book store burning a hole in his wallet.  So after we dropped Princess O at practice we drove over to said comic book store to look around.

This is nirvana for The Boy but pretty boring for me since I am not actually that interested in comic books.  But today I had to smile because there was another mom there with her son.  And her son was about five years old.  And he was wearing a Robin costume, complete with mask and cape.  On a Wednesday afternoon.  In the comic book shop.  I love that this woman let her son dress up for his comic book shopping expedition.  It really made my day.

Now if only she had been dressed as Batman…