I think I am getting old

It is my day off.  So that means the #1 thing to do today is go grocery shopping.

Off I go to the store.  And as I am looking at yogurt I notice they are playing The Cure on the overhead music system.  To be more specific, they were playing Friday I’m in Love.Excellent!  I used to love those guys.  And I love that song.

I was humming along, choosing yogurt flavors and thinking that the grocery store was playing some very cool music.

And then it hit me.

Maybe the grocery store is not getting cooler.  Maybe I am just getting old.

Oh the horror.


Pardon me while I rip my hair out.

There is a song.  By Adele.  That I hate.  I assume the title of it is Rumor Has It.  I assume this because that phrase is repeated incessantly by Adele during the entire freaking song.  It drives me insane.

Have you ever encountered a song you hate so much that hearing it actually makes you angry?  That’s how much I hate this song.

So, in order to make sure I never have to hear this song, I have added another radio station to the preprogrammed buttons in my car.  Plan B of radio stations if you will.  One I can go to in a hurry if that dreaded song comes on my usual station.

Well, today “Rumor Has It” came on my Plan A station, so I quick hit the button to switch to Plan B.  Know what they were playing?  “Rumor Has It”.  This has happened three times in recent days.  It is infuriating.   I need a Plan C radio station and I am not sure I can find a Plan C radio station.  Maybe I will have to start just listening to my iPod all the time in the car.

But I suppose it could be worse.  At least that song is not on the music loop at work.




I love Christmas music, and I even love this song, but it makes me cry Every Single Time.  And that includes all times of year and in all locations.  For example, I cried when I heard it at the Bronners Christmas store in July one year.  And I would probably even cry if I heard it while I was sitting in my parent’s living room.

This year it seems like I hear it everywhere.  I have lost count of the number of times I have choked up in the WalMart in the past couple of weeks.  It’s really very annoying.  You would think I’d get over it wouldn’t you?

Requiem for an iPod Nano (red)

We have to take a moment to say goodbye to another iPod, my red iPod Nano.  I’ve had it for a long time, and no I did not drop it in the toilet.  I have no idea what happened to it.  One day it was here, the next it was gone.  I don’t know if it fell out of my purse or got mixed up in the newspapers and ended up in the trash, or if it maybe fell out of the car on our way to Dyersville last weekend.  I hope it was not the middle option.  I would like to think somebody found it, and is giving it a good home.

Fortunately, I have another iPod nano.  This is a 5th generation Nano, the kind with a tiny videocamera.  This iPod and I are still getting to know each other, but I think we will get along fine.

I was feeling kind of sad about losing the red one though, so I bought myself some pink earbuds to match the new guy.  I really like pink.  Of course I liked red too…

So farewell iPod wherever you are.  I hope somebody found you, and that they are taking good care of you.  And I really truly hope that somebody is not laughing too hard at my taste in music.


Tylenol anyone?

The C-man has stared his band practices.  He is playing the snare drum.  But of course if you play the snare drum you also play the bells.  Isn’t that delightful.

A couple weeks ago I went to our local music shop to rent a set of drums and bells for my young musician.  Or should I say young percussionist?  He was very disappointed at the time because I did not bring the drum set home.  Instead, the music shop delivered it to the school so the band teacher could hand everything out at once, and keep inadvertent damage to a minimum.  Apparently in the past most of the first lesson was devoted to fixing the things that the students had broken while playing with their new toys at home.

He treated me to a concert this afternoon.  He is supposed to practice for 20 minutes a day.  So he dutifully set a timer and clanged away.  It was…interesting.  I shouldn’t complain, this is more than I ever heard him practice the viola last year.

And now I am dreading the day he actually get to play the drum.  May God have mercy on my soul.

Odds and Ends

Like my tattoo?

It’s henna.  I really, really like it, but I know I am far too wimpy to ever get a real tattoo.


I cannot get enough of this song right now:

I’m not loving the video but the song is great.  Apparently I like Train.  I had no idea until my iPod told me.


I think palm trees would make an excellent addition to the backyard.


Oh, and by the way, it is exactly six months until Christmas.