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So this spring has come and gone and I have been a bad bad mommy and not recorded much of it.

Today being mother’s day the children gave me gifts.  I took them to Target on Thursday so they could pick these gifts out.  C gave me a candy bouquet.  It was a green cup filled with Junior Mints, and it had chocolate Twizzlers sticking up in it like flowers.  Delicous.  He also gave me a giant Toblerone bar and a pink carnation.

O gave me a set of three notebooks in rainbow colors.  One has lined paper, one has blank paper and one has graph paper.  She also gave me a big packet of pens.  Awesome.

Tonight we went to Hickory Park for dinner, and there was some interesting dinner conversation.  A couple examples:

O:  If I ate myself would I disappear or would I become twice as big?

C:  When I’m an adult and I do something revolutionary with science, I am going to cross animal and human DNA to give people super-powers.

Once again I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have normal children.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.  I hope you all had a good day.  I know I did.  First, presents, then the I-Cubs game.

Tom gave me flowers:

He even had them delivered!  That was fun.

This was from the C-Man:

You probably can’t read it.  It says

Happy Mothers Day!

I love you ∞ x 8!  I’ll do anythiing for you.  To prove it, there are ten “favor” stamps below.  It can be as simple as pour me a soda or it can be very complex.

I love you mom

He wrote it in black pen on copy paper.  There are 10 circles in the middle of the page. It’s like a punch-card at the coffee shop.

This was from Princess O

Hand-sewn and embroidered with love.  She put it in a tissue box and wrapped it with the free newspaper.  I love it.

At Principal Park moms got to play catch with their kids in the outfield (and their husbands too)

T isn’t in the picture because he took the picture.

I hope all the moms out there had a great day.

Mother’s Day debrief

I hope all of you had a very Happy Mother’s Day.  I know I did.  You have already seen a picture of the roses Tom sent me, and heard the story of the children’s shopping expedition.  Now here is how the day went down:

First I got up at 6:15am (of my own free will), made some coffee and settled in to watch the Spanish Grand Prix.  You can expect my full race report tomorrow.  I know you are all dying to read it.

When Princess O got up she brought me a yogurt in the TV room.  Then she sat with me for a while and quizzed me on how Michael Schumacher was doing in the race.

Once the race was over they gave me their presents. And what presents they are.  Here is the C-man’s:

It is a flowerpot.  He told me he thought I could put the mint in it when I plant the kitchen garden.  This is a very sweet and thoughtful gift, and I can’t believe he remembered that I had said you can’t just plant mint in the ground, you have to put it in a pot.  If you do not, you will end up with a whole yard full of mint.

And here is Princess O’s gift:

An acid green laundry basket.  Awesome.  She told me she picked it out so I would have someplace to put all my knitting supplies in the TV room.  Here is a top down view.  Now you can see all my upstairs knitting stuff artfully arranged:

After the presents and bacon and eggs we went to the I-Cubs game.  I saw Ryne Sandberg!  Ryne Sandberg!  But he was far away, and I did not get anything signed, although we saw him standing by the Cubs dugout signing things.  Maybe next time.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day

These are the flowers Tom sent me for Mother’s Day.  Not one, but two dozen roses.  Awww.


I am up early today so I can watch the Spanish Grand Prix live.  The pre-race coverage starts in 10 minutes.  Oh boy this is gonna be great!


Later the children will give me whatever it is they bought for me at Target.  That ought to be worth it’s weight in entertainment.


Later still the three of us will be going to Des Moines for the I-Cubs game.  Flowers, presents, race cars and baseball.  This is going to  be the Best Mother’s Day Everrrrr.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone.  I love this video.  I posted it last year, but I’m posting it again:

Mother’s day debrief

As promised, here are photos of the Mother’s Day gifties.  Sorry it took me so long to do this.  There was not a single AA battery in the house and my camera was out of juice.


First of all, check out this penguin Princess O made for me.


Yep that’s right.  She made it.  All by herself.  She didn’t have a pattern or anything.  She was just winging it.  I am amazed.  I knew something was going on because every time I would come upstairs she would quickly shut her door, and she doesn’t usually do that (yet).  But I was just gobsmacked.  I bow down before her in awe and in terror of what she might come up with next.

The C-man gave me yummy yummy chocolate bars.



Finally, I will show you my gifty from Tom, but before I do that I want to tell you about the gift-receiving ritual in our family.

First you pick up the present and say’ “I think it’s a cat”.  Then you open it.  When I opened this one I said’ “Oh, it’s a dog!”


When unwrapping the package you must say at some point “I think I need a scissors”

If after you unwrap the package you see these words:


Your next line is  “fra-jeeel-ay, it must be Italian!”

Then you finally get to the big reveal


Yes, that is not one but two Barack Obama coffee mugs.  Awesome.