Random Stuff

So this spring has come and gone and I have been a bad bad mommy and not recorded much of it.

Today being mother’s day the children gave me gifts.  I took them to Target on Thursday so they could pick these gifts out.  C gave me a candy bouquet.  It was a green cup filled with Junior Mints, and it had chocolate Twizzlers sticking up in it like flowers.  Delicous.  He also gave me a giant Toblerone bar and a pink carnation.

O gave me a set of three notebooks in rainbow colors.  One has lined paper, one has blank paper and one has graph paper.  She also gave me a big packet of pens.  Awesome.

Tonight we went to Hickory Park for dinner, and there was some interesting dinner conversation.  A couple examples:

O:  If I ate myself would I disappear or would I become twice as big?

C:  When I’m an adult and I do something revolutionary with science, I am going to cross animal and human DNA to give people super-powers.

Once again I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have normal children.

Will wonders never cease?

I don’t usually blog much about food, but today I am making an exception.  And here is why:  Tonight a miracle occurred in our household.

I found a recipe on Pinterest for a one-dish meal with potatoes, and onion, and red pepper and Italian sausage that looked pretty good.  So I pinned it to my feed me board and figured I would make it sooner or later.

I made it tonight.  Which brings me to our miraculous event.  Everybody liked it.  I had a huge pan full of the stuff (which we have christened “the sausage potato thing” – catchy isn’t it?) and I was planning on getting a couple of lunches out of it.  Nope.  We ate the entire pan.  A whole pound of sausage, two giant baking potatoes, half an onion and an entire red bell pepper.  Gone.

You have no idea, this never happens.  So, since this is clearly a miracle food.  I will share it with you, along with a link to the official version.

Sausage Potato thing

2 big baking potatoes peeled and cut into approximately 1 inch chunks

1/2 a large yellow onion peeled and cut into chunks

1 red pepper seeded and cut into chunks (do you see a theme here).

Toss all those with about 2 teaspoons of olive oil and some salt and pepper.  Put them in a 13×9 baking dish and chuck that in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes.  Then slice up some Italian Sausage (I used the turkey kind – less greasy)  toss that in the pan with the spuds and onions and peppers after their 15 minute head start.  Stir it up if you want.  Set the timer for another 30ish minutes and Bob’s your uncle.  Delicious.  And miraculous.

The official version is here:



Worst dessert idea ever…

T came over for dinner on Sunday.  This is what we do when one of us is picking up the kids, we all have dinner together.

So anyway, on our way home from the ice rink I mentioned to the kids that I needed something to have for dessert.  Princess O piped up from the back seat with this helpful suggestion:

“Fried Chicken!”  I replied

“Fried Chicken is a ridiculous dessert”  Meanwhile C was laughing his head off.  She thought for a minute and then she said

“We could put sprinkles on it”




A dinnertime miracle

Last night there was a miracle at our house.  I only made one thing for dinner and everybody happily ate it.  Let me say that again.  Everybody.  Ate.  It.  Without complaining.  That NEVER happens around here.  I am stunned, shocked, speechless, amazed. 

Now, I often only make one thing for dinner, and then I am greeted with a chorus of complaints from the peanut gallery.  They usually go something like this “I HATE that”, or “you always make things he likes, but you never make anything I like” or “can’t I just have Ramen?”  Cooking for a family of picky eaters is a soul-sucking thankless job.  I really wonder how my mother survived it.

When we were kids, my brother would eat pretty much anything, my sister didn’t like any meat, and I wouldn’t eat any vegetables.  So you can imagine the challenges.  I probably would have just given up and served cereal for dinner every night.

In my family the C-man is the one who won’t eat meat.  Or potatoes, and he claims he doesn’t like rice.  What he does like is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and pizza, and pasta, and Pillsbury biscuits.  Basically, he is a carb junkie. 

The Princess on the other hand claims she hates pasta because it is boring.  Well of course it is boring if you won’t put any sauce on it. I mean really, how can anybody hate pasta?  She will however eat chicken.  And turkey.  And bacon.  Especially bacon.

What was the wonder dinner I prepared last night?  Boneless skinless chicken breasts, coated in fake Shake-n-Bake (which is just breadcrumbs, Lawry’s Season Salt and some pepper), and mashed potatoes.  Real mashed potatoes too, not the kind that come out of the box.  The only concession I made was to cut the children’s chicken into nugget-sized pieces before coating and baking it. 

How often do you think I can get away with serving this particular meal?

Official Obama portrait

So I see they have released the official Presidential portrait of Barack Obama.  He looks very presidential, and dare I say it?  Obamalicious.  Or maybe that’s just me.  It seems inappropriate somehow to find the future president so attractive, but there it is.


Here is the link in case you want to download a copy of your very own.

I know this sounds crazy, but I would really like to have the Obama family over for dinner or something.  I have been giving this some thought, and I think we have a lot in common.

He’s been living in Chicago, I’m from Chicago.  Michelle is a stay at home mom just like me, though I imagine she does more interesting things during the day than I do.  Their girls are about the same age as our kids.  Their kids like the Jonas Brothers, our kids like the Jonas brothers.  The girls were invited to appear on Hannah Montana, we LOVE Hannah Montana.  And clearly we have similar political views.  So I think we would get along great. 

Of course it is very difficult to invite the president for dinner.  And what would you serve?  And, would you have to make dinner for all the secret service agents too?  It’s very complicated.

Odds and Ends

I made Salisbury steak for dinner tonight.  The C-man had some leftover macaroni and cheese and a ketchup sandwich (I’m a bad mom).  The Princess had an onion sandwich and a baked potato.  I wonder what it’s like to have normal children.


Strawberry cough drops taste terrible.


I think I need a new lighting scheme for the front porch this Christmas.  I just can’t think of what I want to do.  All I know is I am getting bored with the old decorations.


I have been watching Dancing with the Stars this season.  I refuse to be embarrassed by that.  Warren Sapp is my favorite so far.  I also like Lance Bass of *NSYNC fame, but I am afraid he is going to get voted out tonight.