Random Stuff

So this spring has come and gone and I have been a bad bad mommy and not recorded much of it.

Today being mother’s day the children gave me gifts.  I took them to Target on Thursday so they could pick these gifts out.  C gave me a candy bouquet.  It was a green cup filled with Junior Mints, and it had chocolate Twizzlers sticking up in it like flowers.  Delicous.  He also gave me a giant Toblerone bar and a pink carnation.

O gave me a set of three notebooks in rainbow colors.  One has lined paper, one has blank paper and one has graph paper.  She also gave me a big packet of pens.  Awesome.

Tonight we went to Hickory Park for dinner, and there was some interesting dinner conversation.  A couple examples:

O:  If I ate myself would I disappear or would I become twice as big?

C:  When I’m an adult and I do something revolutionary with science, I am going to cross animal and human DNA to give people super-powers.

Once again I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have normal children.

Overheard at dinner

O stands up and bumps into the table.  I commented that it had sounded like it hurt.

O:  That was my phone so no, it didn’t hurt.

C:  Did you break it?

O:  C, it’s like an unbreakable phone.  You can’t break it.


Well, maybe if you threw it off the Empire State Building.


Maybe not even the Empire State Building.  Maybe Mount Everest.


More zen musings from the children at dinner tonight.

Princess O says to me “everybody always talks about tomorrow but it never actually comes”

The C-man chimes in, “Yeah, because tomorrow is tomorrow, and today is yesterday’s tomorrow”

And Princess O concludes with “And then when tomorrow is today there will be another tomorrow the next day”

I think I need some aspirin.