Odds and Ends – semi-literary edition

Two days in a row.  Lucky you.


It has been raining all day here.  All.  Freaking.  Day.  This makes it very hard to get motivated to do anything.  And it’s cold too.  So of course all I wanted to do all day was crawl under a blanket on the couch and read.  However, this was impossible because The Princess had riding after school, and then the C-Man had scouts.  Maybe tomorrow.


I finished Dracula The Un-Dead.  I liked it.  Parts of it kind of read like they were taken from a screenplay (one scene in particular springs to mind) but since the co-author is a screenwriter I suppose that shouldn’t come as a big surprise.  I would definitely recommend it to any fan of the original.  If either of my siblings would like to borrow it (and you know who you are) just let me know.  First come first served.


Now I am reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  I have never been a real fan of Jane Austen, but this seems pretty amusing.  I only wish I had come up with this idea first.


I am looking for new book ideas for The Princess.  She has read all of the Twilight books, all of the Harry Potter books, and all of the Warriors books.  She seems to like books that belong to a series.  I guess that way she doesn’t need to learn a bunch of new characters every time.

The trick is that she reads pretty far above her grade level.  So it is difficult to find things that are challenging for her, but are also age appropriate.  If anybody has any suggestions, I’m all ears.


Certain subscribers will be happy to know the basement remains bone dry.  Hooray new sump pump.


Dracula the Un-Dead

Dracula the Un-Dead

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s finally here!  I have been waiting for this book for ages.


Image from Amazon

You may or may not know that Dracula (the original by Bram Stoker) is one of my favorite books ever.  I probably read it once a year.

And now, here on the couch beside me is the sequel.  I know, I know, there have been many sequels written to Dracula over the years, but this one was written by Dacre Stoker.  Recognize anything?

Dacre Stoker is Bram Stoker’s great grandnephew.  And apparently he drew from Bram Stoker’s original notes to write it.  It looks like there are some author’s notes in the back from both Stoker and Ian Holt, his co-author, but I don’t want to read them until after I read the book, just in case it gives something away.  I hate spoilers.

I got the last copy at Borders this morning.  I am not sure if they only had one in stock, or if there was a huge run on them or something.  I couldn’t find it when I walked in, so I had to ask for help.  The woman at the information desk said they had 30 coming in, but only 1 in stock.  While she went to look for it, I contemplated whether or not I had time to run to the Big City to look in the bookshops down there.  Happily that was not necessary.

Now all I want to do is sit and read.  The quality of service in this place is about to go dramatically downhill.