Christmas build-up

Hey look It’s snowing here!  Cool.

Not snowing here though.  In general I hate snow.  It makes me angry.  I know, I know, that doesn’t make any sense but it’s true.  But I do like a white Christmas and it looks like that will elude us this year.  Oh well.

I know it has been a while but I have been busy.  I work at a bookstore and for those of you that live under a rock let me tell you this:


So work has been a madhouse and when I get home I am too tired to do anything.  I don’t even have my Christmas shopping done yet.  Or my Christmas cards.  Those are on my list for tomorrow though.  The Christmas cards, not the shopping.  I still have to figure out what I am doing for some of that.  I guess I better figure it out fast huh?

And the Christmas knitting…oh the Christmas knitting.

But the tree is up, and so is the Christmas Pig.  He looks so cute.  And I do love this time of year.  Crazy work schedule and all.

I hope you are all having a happy Holiday season.  Are you behind schedule too?

Oh, and happy 12/12/12.  There, I said it.


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