The end of an era

Left to right, me, Princess O and Firestorm


We had some sad news at O’s horseback riding lesson today.  The barn she rides at is closing.

I suppose I should have seen this coming.  The owner moved away about a year ago, and I am not exactly sure how she has managed to keep things running since then.  And apparently they are not going to be running anymore.

Her coach will be moving to another facility close by so O can still ride.  So that’s something.

Princess O is just devastated.  She has been crying on and off (mostly on) since her coach gave her the news.  She has been riding there since she was in the third grade.  It is a real haven for her.  And now she is losing that.  It really sucks to see your baby so sad and upset and not have any way to help her feel better.

Sometimes this mom gig is really hard.



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