First day of school

My sweet baby princess is in high school.  Does she look older?

I am frankly, stunned.

She was pretty nervous.  Last night she wrapped herself up in her bedclothes and announced that she was a burrito.  And that burritos do not go to Big Scary High School.  I informed her that burritos do in fact go to Big Scary High School.  She disagreed.  I disagreed back.  In the end, I won (of course).

I drove her to school.  The cheerleaders were wearing their uniforms.  It was just like Glee!

She says she got lost twice, but she did manage to find the exits when school got out.  She said she had to carry her lunchbox with her all morning because she couldn’t find her locker.  She also said she still hasn’t found the bathrooms.  I suggested she get that one figured out pretty quickly.

C-man, meanwhile started seventh grade.  Ta da:

He looks thrilled, doesn’t he?  He was not at all excited to go back to school.  Declaring school torture and awful.  I feel bad for him.  I hated school too.  He seemed happier after school today.  He said he thinks this year will be better.

Watch this space




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