Worlds collide

I made polenta for dinner tonight.  Polenta is one of those things you cannot eat in front of the television.  So I was actually sitting at my dining room table, eating polenta and flipping through the latest issue of Interweave Knits.

My mind was wandering while I was flipping pages.  I was wondering why the NBC Olympic coverage is so bad.  I thought about how much I like to knit cables, but that they make me look about 20 feet wide.  I cursed my inability to knit things like sweaters.  Things that actually have to fit.  And I wondered if Felipe Massa be back at Ferrari next year, and if not, who will replace him.    What can I say, I have a lot on my mind, most of it spectacularly unimportant.

And then I flipped the page and saw this:

I almost dropped my fork.

These are brand spanking new knitting needles.  They are so new you can’t even get them yet.  They are called Karbonz and they are made by Knitter’s Pride.  These are knitting needles made out of carbon fiber.  Carbon fiber!

Do you know what else they make out of carbon fiber?  Do you?  Formula One racing cars, that’s what else!

I love Formula One racing cars!  This is so freaking cool.  Clearly, I will need to have some. I wonder if they will make me knit faster….


1 thought on “Worlds collide

  1. Carbon is good. It’s good for F1 cars (especially silver ones), bicycles and now knitting needles. The carbon parts on my Pinarello make it lighter and stiffer, so I can ride faster. Not sure how the carbon needles will benefit you Kathy, but they sure look cool. Can you get titanium needles? Titanium is cool too.

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