Propane or Charcoal?

So here we are on Memorial Day weekend.  Time to think about summer and going to the pool and grilling up some hamburgers.  Except, I don’t have a grill.  This is a problem.  I want a grill.  I need a grill.  And I will have a grill.

The question is, what kind?  Do I go with propane, or charcoal?  Both have their pros and cons.

Propane grills, for example, are easy to light and they heat up quick.  Perfect for grilling up a few burgers or sausages after work.  And there are no open flames (usually) to worry about, or charcoal to futz around with.  So those are the pros.  On the other hand a great big tank of propane is heavy, highly flammable, and it scares my pants off.  I am afraid I will turn my patio into a smoking crater.  Those would be the cons in case you are keeping track.

So, okay if the idea of messing around with propane gives me the heebie jeebies maybe a nice charcoal grill is the way to go.  The food tastes better, it smells great and there is no giant, possibly explodey tank of propane hanging around.

On the other hand (cons again) you have to light charcoal on fire, and sometimes the flames are quite spectacular.  I am not crazy about this idea either.  Plus there is the whole waiting for the coals to be ready thing, and the futzing around with the old coals when your done.  What if I set the dumpster on fire with my old coals?

As you can see, I am a great big scaredy-chicken and both options make me nervous.  So I just need to decide which option is less terrifying, hike up my skirts and get on with things.

Since I am paralyzed by indecision, I am taking a poll.  Which would you choose if you were a big scaredy-chicken who wants a grill?


One thought on “Propane or Charcoal?

  1. Kathy, go charcoal. Skip the lighter fluid (which produce the pretty flames). Get a chimney ($15 – 20), which lets you start the charcoal with nothing more than a match & some newspaper. No propane to mess with (which means no replacing burners every year), no lighter fluid to mess with, no funny tastes. Heats up really fast (like 10 – 15 minutes) & coals can be reused at least once if you close the vents in the grill when you are done. We love it, I feel safe letting the kids light it, the food is awesome.

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