But wait there’s more: Yarn Bombing and butterflies

Have I mentioned to you lately how much I like to knit?  Well, I do.  And yarn bombing interests me more and more.

What is yarn bombing?  That’s a good question.  And here’s the answer.  Yarn bombing or yarnstorming or urban knitting are all the same thing; essentially knitted graffiti.  I have seen some in Montreal.  It is usually things like hats on statues, or little knitted cozies on bike racks or light posts.  It is, of course, technically vandalism, which, as you know, is illegal.  However, since it can be removed with a simple pair of scissors there isn’t anything very menacing about it.   The wikipedia has some good information about it.  And some cool pictures.

But I digress.

They had a yarn bombing exhibit in the butterfly house at Reiman Gardens yesterday.  This begs the question, is it really yarn bombing if you had permission to do it?  But either way it looked pretty cool.  See:

Looks pretty cool doesn’t it?  Here’s some more:

And finally:


Oh, and here’s a butterfly.

He didn’t seem terribly impressed with the knititng, but he didn’t seem to mind it either.


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