I love my children. Thanks for sharing this T

Domestically Challenged

We’re going to see Rent this weekend.  The ticket lady looked at me when I exchanged tickets yesterday and said “two kids’ tickets?  For Rent? Are you sure?”

Yes, I’m sure, but just to be safe I told the kids this morning that it had some adult subject matter.  They were completely blase but also curious.

“There’s some sex in it and some of the characters are gay,” I told them.  They shrugged.  “Not a big deal.  I just don’t want you to be surprised.”

O explained to me–patiently–that they’d seen it all before and that her circle wasn’t hung up on sexual orientation.  Her latest fave band was her latest fave band, in large part, because the lead singer was comfortably out.

“Yeah,” said C.  “Everyone’s cool with gay people.”  And then he paused.  “Except Republicans.”

I have great faith in this generation.

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