Eighth Grade Formal

I can’t believe my baby princess is at her first dance tonight.  It is the 8th grade “formal” but it isn’t really a formal.  In fact they don’t even officially call it a “Formal” anymore, but all the kids do.  That’s how that kind of thing usually works.

Princess O and I went dress shopping down in the Big City a couple of weeks ago.  As I predicted she ended up buying the first dress she tried on.  But not before trying on a lot of other options first.  I think she chose wisely, don’t you?

Her Highness all dressed up

She is just going with her friends.  She seemed to find the idea of going with an actual boy kind of unpleasant.  So, you know, I’ve got that going for me.  At least for a little longer.

T came over to see her off.  I really like this picture.

And so there was a lot of high-pitched squealing when I dropped her off. Everybody looked really pretty and the boys were all in black.  Apparently the party is being catered by a favorite local restaurant.  And there will be a chocolate fountain.  Yum.

I have to go back and pick her up in a couple hours.  I cannot wait to hear all about it.


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