The Malaysian Grand Prix Report

I do so love back to back races.  But before I can tell you about the race, I have one other important piece of news for you.  Fernando Alonso appears to have gotten himself tattooed.  See:


But I digress.

Hamilton was on pole again, and Button was second.  Michael Schumacher started third, which was very exciting.  Alonso qualified ninth, but Kimi Raikkonen had a grid penalty so he actually started 8th.  This was an improvement over last weekend.  Last weekend he was much farther back.

Here is a quick geography lesson.  What happens in Malaysia late in the afternoon?  Yep, that’s right, it rains.  And yesterday was no exception.  About 8 laps in it started pouring buckets, and the safety car came out.  La la la, we did a few laps behind the safety car and then:  Red Flag.  So for an hour we sat and watched the drivers standing around.  This is not compelling television.  It is my humble opinion that they should change the start time back to it’s original, earlier start time so they can get the race finished before it starts raining.  But the muckety mucks at FOM do not listen to me.

It finally stopped raining and they restarted the race.  All the cars were on wet tires now, and this became tricky as the track dried out and the tires started to get chewed up.  More rain was in the forecast so all the engineers were telling the drivers to take care of the tires and make them last until it started raining again.  But the rain held off and everybody eventually came in for slicks.

Oh, look at that, lightening just beyond the circuit.  Dammit.  (sorry mom).  Well, fortunately the rain stayed away.  Alonso was winning at this point and I was about having a heart attack because Sergio Perez was slowly reeling Alonso in with his Sauber.  Then his engineer came on the radio and told him to preserve the position.  It has been a long time since a Sauber has come in second.

Of course that message has the tin hat brigade up in arms, saying it was team orders, and that Perez was told not to pass Fernando.  Sauber buys their engines from Ferrari, so the conspiracy theory du jour is that Sauber was told to back off.  Not bloody likely.  Reeling Alonso in and passing him are two different things, and as we know Alonso is not easy to pass.

Anyway, Alonso won and that’s the important thing.  He is currently leading the world championship.  Wow.

The next race is in China in three weeks.  That is the only bad part about back to back races. It usually means a long break before the next race.  Sigh.

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