Happy Birthday C-Man

The C-Man is 12 years old.  Wow.  That doesn’t seem possible.  We celebrated by watching the Malaysian Grand Prix (more on that tomorrow) going to see The Hunger Games (fabulous) and having T over for pizza and cake.  He got a pretty good assortment of presents, and we forgot to call my brother.  He called to say happy birthday while we were at the movies.  Sorry Alan, we will call tomorrow.

So, here are 10 completely random things that I think of when I think of the C-man

  1. Manga
  2. Anime
  3. Yu Gi Oh cards
  4. Dueling at the comic book store
  5. The Big Bang Theory
  6. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  7. Legos
  8. Super hero movies
  9. Chocolate chip cookie bars
  10. Pasta with tomato suce

There are of course thousands of other things, but this is just a random assortment.

Happy Birthday C-man!  I love you.


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