What is that smell?

First of all, let me get this out of the way.  I am 23,092 words from my 50,000 word goal in the Nanowrimo.  Yeah.  That is so not happening this year.  Well, it seemed like a good idea 26 days ago.  What else can I say?

But, I digress.  I went away for Thanksgiving week.  T had the kids and they were all going over the river and through the woods to visit his parents, and the idea of spending the holiday without them was kind of heartbreaking, so I decided to pretend it wasn’t happening, and I went away for a week.

I returned this afternoon and when I opened the door to my apartment I was greeted with a smell that can only be described as disgusting.  My first thought was “shit” (sorry mom) “I must have forgotten to take out the garbage before I left.  Stupidhead”  I crept into the kitchen to face the stinky music only to discover the garbage can was empty.

I shuddered and opened the fridge, thinking I must have forgotten to pour out the milk.  Nope.  No milk, and also no cold air in the fridge.  It was dead.   And judging by the stench It had been dead for quite some time.  The thing was exactly room temperature.

Oh.  My.  God.  The hamburgers!  I opened the freezer and was greeted with a scene of terrible carnage.  The burgers were defrosted and the plastic bag was all full of red bloody burger juice.  The frozen chicken breasts were soggy and smelly, and all the frozen veggies were nothing but warm bags of mush.  I chucked it all in the trash and quickly got it out of the house.  Then I opened some windows and chucked everything in the fridge too.  Eggs, cheese, moldy condiments, the whole nine yards.

I called the landlord and there is good news and bad news.  The good news is, it looks like I will probably get a new fridge.  The bad news is, not until Monday.  This is not so bad because I have to work most of tomorrow anyway.  And then I pick up the kids tomorrow evening, so I will be having dinner at T’s.  I just have to remember not to bring home any leftovers.



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