It’s a bird, it’s a plane,

No, it’s supermom!

I have been sick.  More than sick, I have had pneumonia.  For all I know I may still technically have it.  But I feel much better now thanks to some most excellent antibiotics, and a little TLC.

When mom found out I was sick she immediately put on her supermom cape, got in the car and drove hours and hours to get here from Michigan.

She then proceeded to do all my laundry, cook me chicken noodle soup (homemade noodles), put up my Halloween decorations and as an extra added bonus, keep The Children from killing each other.  I am convinced without her mad supermom skills I would still be feeling like Grim Death instead of just kind of tired.

Mom left today and I miss her already.  A thousand thank you’s for everything mom.  You’re the Best Mom Ever


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