A Permanent Record

I am sure my mother will be absolutely thrilled to hear I have been thinking about tattoos again.  Specifically, about getting one.  On myself.  Forever and ever.  It seems like an appropriate time.

I had originally thought I wanted something along these lines to remind me of the time I swam with dolphins:

Henna tattoo

That was a truly amazing thing to do and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I think it is impossible to be unhappy when you are in the water with those guys.  They just always seem so friendly and smiley.  I know they can’t control the smiley part, but there is something about them that invites calm and happiness.

However, I saw this blog post the other day, which led me to this website which got me thinking.  And what I am thinking is, maybe a literary tattoo is more “me”.  The question is what quote?  Something short.  I am not about to get entire passages tattooed onto myself.  Plus, my ankle is not that big.

So, mom, I am sorry to tell you that I am back to giving this some serious thought.

Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “A Permanent Record

  1. My mom freaked when I got mine, then about a year ago I’m sitting with my feet up and she says “You know your tattoo is actually kind of pretty”. I began to worry at that point. Of course I am getting another one, and when she heard that she freaked again lol.

  2. Mom is not real excited about the idea. Neither is Princess O. The C-Man, on the other hand is all for it. I think he would go with me if he could.

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