First day of School

Wow.  It is the first day of school already.  Where has the summer gone?

The C-Man started at the Middle School today.  Grade 6.  My baby!  Waaah!  The kids are with T right now, so I went over to the house for breakfast and to see them off.

The look pretty happy to be going back if you ask me:

It was a big morning.  First breakfast and The Big Middle School sendoff, then I came home to wait for my furniture to be delivered:

Some Assembly Required

But more about that tomorrow.

It was also my first day at work!  I am no longer a woman of leisure.  I am an EA at one of the local elementary schools.  The elementary school, in fact, that O and C attended.  So that’s nice.  I know all the teachers, I know the routine, I subbed there last spring, and it will be fun.

But really, I just cannot believe my baby is in Middle School.  I think I need to lie down now.


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