Batter Up

Beautiful Wrigley Field

Well, it is opening day ladies and gentlemen. And yes, I know that technically Other Teams have been playing baseball for a couple of days already, but for me and thousands of misguided Cubs fans everywhere, the season starts today at 1:20pm central time.

The forecast in Chicago calls for rain with a high of 45 degrees.  Not the best day for a ballgame, but we will take what we can get.  Wear your parka’s everyone.  And don’t forget your mittens.

T always teases me about my blind love for the Cubs, and how I am always convinced that this is the year.  Well, even I don’t think that this year.  The front office has made some spectacularly bone-headed moves.  Too many to document here.  I will just say I am the most upset about losing Ryne Sandberg.  I cannot believe they let him slip away.  Now he is managing the Phillies AAA affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.  Oh the sickening irony.  (And I have GOT to get me a Lehigh Valley IronPigs T-shirt.)

Of course, for me the biggest question today is what to wear.  I have an extensive Cubs wardrobe.  Four jerseys, a sweatshirt, and six official t-shirts.  Eight if you count my I-Cubs T-shirt and my Holy Cow T-shirt from Harry Caray’s (and I do).  It’s a hobby.  And an addiction.  Every year I go to the ballpark and every year I say to myself “you are not buying any more Cubs T-shirts”.  And every year I buy one anyway.  Sometimes I don’t pay very much attention to myself.

So here we go again.  Ryan Dempster is today’s starting pitcher.  Not Carlos Zambrano. Hah!   Suck it Carlos (sorry Mom).  I will be parked in front of the TV at 1:20, and I am sure I will be yelling at the TV by 1:25.  It looks like it could be a long season.  But let’s leave on an optimistic note.  Plus this song always makes me cry.  In a good way:


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