The Oscars 2011

Ah, once again the Oscars have come and gone.  I wish I could comment on whether or not the films that won had any merit, but I haven’t seen any of them (oops).  So, instead here is my annual review of the pretty dresses (and a couple of real stinkers)

Natalie Portman looks beautiful, but I did not like the tassel earrings.  They looked like curtain pulls.

Here’s Gwenyth Paltrow.  Yikes!  What was she thinking?!?  Awful.

Never mind about Matthew McConaughey.  His girlfriend Camila Alves looks amazing.  I love this dress.

I did not like this one.  As my sister said, she looks like she is fresh from the 1980’s.  And with Barbie Doll hair to boot.

I think Haillee Steinfeld was the best dressed woman of the night, even though she is only 14 years old.  The dress was gorgeous, it was age-appropriate and she looked beautiful.

And finally, Melissa Leo.  Oh my eyes!  It burns…it burns…

All images are from Yahoo!



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