Batter up

Cubs tickets went on sale today.  Normally this means a busy day for me.  First I eat a hot dog for breakfast, put on some of my lucky Cubs gear and spend the morning frantically dialing the phone while sitting in the virtual waiting room online.  But not this year.

Why not?  I will tell you why not.  Because I am angry at the Cubs.  Yes, I am angry.  Would you like to know why?

I am angry because they traded Ryan Theriot.

I am angry because they traded Mark Fontenot.

Of course I am always mad that Zambrano is still on the roster. (Why?  Why????)

And, I am especially angry that they did not hire Ryne Sandberg as their manager.  Now I think I understand why they passed him over, but it still pisses me off (sorry mom).  Not only did we pass him up in Chicago, we didn’t rehire him in Des Moines either.  So now he is gone, gone gone.  I believe he is managing the Philadelphia AAA club.  Oh the sickening irony.

So I will pass on the first day of ticket sales madness this year.  The team was so wretched last year I am pretty confident I can get tickets to something this summer.  I am really not worried.



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