Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree…

…how scratchy are thy branches.

Big doings with the Christmas tree this year.  We have an artificial tree, one that I purchased at a Big Box store that shall remain nameless about five or six years ago.  It was one of the pre-lit trees and I have always liked it very much.

Well, for the last two years the lights have not worked on one section.  I finally took that strand off and just added my own lights there.  Problem solved.

And every year at about this time I start looking at new artificial trees and thinking I cannot find one I like as much as the one I have.

This year when I put the tree up a good 2/3 of the lights were not working.  Dammit (sorry mom).  What to do?  What to do?  Should I bite the bullet and go get a new tree?  Even though I cannot find one I love?  Or do I bite the other bullet and remove all the lights from this tree and add my own?

In the end I opted for bullet number two.  It took me (well, Tom actually did a lot of it) approximately 4 hours total to undo the lights.  Oh the humanity.  It required infinite patience and a pair of scissors.  Then I had to put new lights on.

Now my hands are all scratched up.  And we haven’t even put the ornaments on it yet.

PS – this is my 1,000th post.  Are you impressed?


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