Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Our family is celebrating in Virgina with my In-Laws and we are having a wonderful time.

We started the day with a 5k race called the Turkey Trot.  My BIL and Tom signed up first, then my FIL, and then The Peskies decided to do the 1k fun run, although I really don’t see anything fun about it.  But never mind.  I will get to that later.

Obviously I couldn’t let all these Other Family Members show me up in this race so I signed up too. Of course I was somewhat handicapped in my endeavors by the fact that I do not run.  I don’t believe in running.  My plan was just to walk really really fast.

We all stumbled out of bed at about quarter to seven and bounced around for a while before piling into the car to head to the starting line.

I have never done a race like this before, okay I have never done any kind of race before but I was pretty impressed.  The race was sponsored by a local bistro and they had free Illy coffee on offer alongside the bananas and other fruits.  Nice.  I got myself a cup of coffee before the race to get warmed up.  In deference to the fact that I was racing I had decaf, and slightly less half and half than usual.

We parked the kids on a bench and told them NOT TO MOVE and then we got in the start line.  I drifted toward the back so I would not get run over by a bunch of crazy runner types.  Then they said GO!  and we went.  My BIL and Tom were running so they were way ahead of us.  I started out walking with my FIL but after a while I got ahead of him.  I wasn’t really racing, but I decided I was going to pass everybody I found in front of me who was wearing jeans.  Because I mean, come on, if you are wearing jeans in a race you can’t really be serious.

To the best of my knowledge I did pass all the denim wearers.  Or at least the ones in my immediate vicinity.  I finished in 45:47 (I think) which is pretty good in my opinion.

I watched the Peskies start the (allegedly) fun run then I grabbed some more coffee (leaded this time) and a slice of pecan pie.  If all the 5ks are like this sign me up.  Unfortunately my children have such mad skills that they were already finished with the race before I got to the finish line.  Wicked.  The C-Man finished in front of the Princess which is not sitting well with Her Royal Highness.  The C-Man on the other hand is pretty pleased with himself.

Next up:  Turkey and football.  I hope you all have a great day.



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