Pumpkins ahoy!

Ah, fall is in the air, and pumpkin guts are in the kitchen.

First I will share a few comments the C-man had about the pumpkin de-gooping process:

This stuff is disgusting!  How many guts can a pumpkin have?

When he complained that his arm was getting tired Princess O suggested he take a break.  The C-Man replied

I can’t take a break.  This thing is counting on me to kill it

And finally,

Why can’t they have goopless pumpkins, like they have seedless oranges?

Now some photos:

Ah, the joy of watching somebody else gut the pumpkins

Seriously mom, enough with the camera

This is so gross!

Oh the humanity!

The finished product

Face #1, Doctor Jack-O

Face #2, Mr. Pumpkin

Mrs. Kasoogi is exhausted

And then to cap off the day, Princess O fell off her scooter and sprained her wrist.  This was her first visit to the ER in 3+ years.  A new record.  The doctors splinted her up, told her not to ride horses for three days (that went over well) and sent her home.  Poor poor princess.



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