Halloween costumes

This is gets more and more complicated every year.  And every year this takes more and more time, and every year we have the same conversations before we leave for the store(s).

The first rule is:  I don’t like to spend more than 20 bucks per costume.  The second rule, and I cannot stress this strongly enough, is NO FAKE BLOOD.  I hate fake blood. It is a great big mess and it stains everything.  Hence the rule.  The C-Man finds this rule particularly ridiculous, and we usually end up having a stand-off in the costume aisle at either Target or Wal-Mart.

However, this year he found some clear mask with bloody cuts and scars painted on it.  I declared this an acceptable substitute.  He also found some temporary tattoos of things like scars and cuts with stitches in them (eew).  So he was happy.

The Princess had a last-minute change of heart and decided to be a ninja instead of a candy bandit.  The lure of the $7.00 set of fake ninja sword was too much to resist.  But of course we couldn’t find an actual ninja costume that would fit her, so she is improvising with some black yoga pants and a black hoodie.  And of course the wicked awesome set of fake ninja swords.

We did the shopping as a tag team this year.  I took them to Target and Wal-Mart before lunch, then after a family McMeal Tom took them to K-Mart and the grocery store.  Why the grocery store?  Why for pumpkins of course.  We will carve those next weekend.  Watch this space.



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