So I have this white three ring binder.  Well, I have a lot of three ring binders, but the one I am talking about lives in the kitchen.  It is where I keep all the recipes I have cut out of magazines, or that people had written down for me.

Some of them are neatly arranged in copy protectors and divided by category.  Others are stuffed into the pocket in the front of the binder.  Or at least they were.

Today, while I was holding the binder over the sink trying to brush off some stray couscous a terrible thing happened.  All the loose papers fell in the sink.  And got Kool-Aid on them.  D’oh.

I know what you are going to say, you are going to say I should not have had the binder over the sink in the first place.  You’re right of course, but it’s a little late for that now.

So, I have shoved all the spare papers into a folder, and later I will spread them out.  Then once they are dry I will go through them and get rid of the ones that are ruined.  I should probably also take this opportunity to get rid of the recipes I know I will never use.

And the moral of the story is don’t hold your recipe binder over the sink.  Sigh.


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