Farewell iPod, we hardly knew ye

I forgot to mention that in addition to the equestrian show we had a bit of drama yesterday morning.

Tom and I were sitting at the dining room table drinking coffee and minding our own business when we heard a thunky-like thudding noise from the bathroom following bay an anguished cry of “Oh No!” from the C-Man.

Yep, you guessed it, the C-Man had dropped his iPod touch, his pride and joy in the toilet.  Perhaps this gives you more information about the C-man than you really wanted, but well, that is not my problem.

This was the very same iPod Touch that he won by not fighting with his sister for a whole month.  Tragic.

We did what any normal parents would do.  First we tried to sooth The Boy’s despair.  Next on the agenda, Tom got out the tongs and retrieved said electronic device from the toilet without flushing first.  That is a very key phrase right there.  Finally, we put the wet iPod into a Gladware container full of rice to see if we could dry it out.  Then when the C-Man was safely out of range we collapsed laughing.

After a full 24 hours in the rice we tried to fire the iPod up.  Nothing.  We got nothing.  This is very sad.

Tom said he would get the C-man a fresh one this week.  And from now on, no more iPods in the bathroom.


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