Tylenol anyone?

The C-man has stared his band practices.  He is playing the snare drum.  But of course if you play the snare drum you also play the bells.  Isn’t that delightful.

A couple weeks ago I went to our local music shop to rent a set of drums and bells for my young musician.  Or should I say young percussionist?  He was very disappointed at the time because I did not bring the drum set home.  Instead, the music shop delivered it to the school so the band teacher could hand everything out at once, and keep inadvertent damage to a minimum.  Apparently in the past most of the first lesson was devoted to fixing the things that the students had broken while playing with their new toys at home.

He treated me to a concert this afternoon.  He is supposed to practice for 20 minutes a day.  So he dutifully set a timer and clanged away.  It was…interesting.  I shouldn’t complain, this is more than I ever heard him practice the viola last year.

And now I am dreading the day he actually get to play the drum.  May God have mercy on my soul.


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