Some thoughts on my Kindle

First of all I have this one:


The 3G model in graphite.  It looks fabulous.  I need to get a case for it, but when I went to Target they didn’t have any for the new generation yet, so I am waiting patiently.  And in the meantime, I just won’t take it out of the house.

I love that the picture on the screen changes every time you sleep it.

I love that nobody can tell what you are reading.  I discovered that the trashy NASCAR Harlequin romances I like are available for Kindle.  So now I can read them in public and nobody will know.  They will all think I am reading War and Peace or something Very Important like that.  Except of course that I just told all of you that I read trashy NASCAR Harlequin romances.  Hmmm, that may have been an error in strategy.

It does not have a touch screen like my iPod touch.  This is going to take some getting used to.  I keep trying to scroll down by running my finger up the screen instead of pushing the button to turn the page.  Oops.

So far I have just downloaded books that are free or nearly free.  At the moment I have:

  • Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights because who doesn’t love the Bronte sisters?
  • Dracula (duh)
  • The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim

I am sure I will be downloading plenty of NASCAR Harlequins and vampire novels – er, I mean Important Works of Literature in the near future.  This is so much fun.


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on my Kindle

  1. Ha ha, thanks for the laugh – trashy romances 😉 We all have our guilty pleasures.

    Which brings to mind a feature many Kindle owners (who share accounts with their kids) want, the ability to lock/password protect certain books so that it can’t be opened in the archive by their kids!

    I post a lot of free ebooks that I find on my blog, I think that there’s been a free paranormal romance every now and then, so if you keep your eye out, you’ll get a couple for free in the future.

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