The first day of school

Like I said, I’m a little behind in my blogging.  I still have not written anything about my brother’s wedding.  (I will, I promise.  It was beautiful.)

I didn’t even post about back to school shopping and  my deep and abiding love for school supplies.

But at least I can post the traditional back to school pictures.  The children have decreed that I am forbidden from taking their pictures at school, so I had to settle for the living room.

Princess O

Her Royal Highness is in seventh grade now.  Wow.  She does not like to get up early, or have her picture taken.  Can you tell?

The C-Man

The C-Man is in fifth grade now.  This will be his last year of Elementary School.  My baby!   He claims he’s not excited about the whole back to school thing, but I think he is secretly quite happy to be back.

School started on Thursday, the 19th.  I, foolishly, thought it started on the 26th.  D’oh.  School has never started before the state fair ended before, so I think my error can be excused.  And besides, I found out about it before they missed anything.   However, you should feel free to put that on my mother of the year application.


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