The last saturday

Wow, when was the last time you heard the theme from Star Wars played on an accordion?  We heard it this afternoon.  Jealous?  It’s amazing how the subway station acoustics can make anything sound good.

We also heard two buskers singing a mash up of Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wonderwall while we were having ice cream in the Place Jacques Cartier in Old Montrael.  It sounded better than you might think.

This was our last Saturday in Montreal.  We started the day with lunch at Pizza Madona and then went to the Architecture archives where Tom has been spending his time all month.  They had a few small exhibits there.  One was drawings by a Greek composer and architect.  It was…interesting.  The C-Man looked at one drawing and said:

“It looks like tornados, and sliced ham.”

Personally, I didn’t see it, but he has always had a very unique view of the world.  I would show you the picture, but you were not allowed to take photographs in the exhibits and I want to play by the rules.

We had a short walk around Old Montreal and then came back to the apartment. We will go to the fireworks again tonight.  And then tomorrow:  packing.


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