Summer in the city

You can tell that winters in this town must be really really awful.  How do I know this?  Because they take their summers seriously.

The pool in our apartment building is a perfect example.  There are a zillion and one deck chairs, and all of them are full, all the time. They have a swim up bar!  At the pool at the health club.  Think about that for a minute.

There is also a really great stretch of sidewalk cafes not far from our apartment.  The street is closed to traffic and every bar and restaurant has tables outside.  There are buskers, and flags fluttering in the breeze.  On bar had a big Ferrari flag flying today.  We weren’t sure if it was in honor of the upcoming race this weekend, or the fact that today is Fernando Alonso’s birthday.  (Happy Birthday Fernando).

There is a gelateria on that road that we have been trying to sample since we got here but it was chiuso every time we passed it.  Actually, since we are in Montreal, not Rome, it was not chiuso, it was fermé.  Anyway, since we don’t have much time left here, I said we would walk over there after dinner for dessert.

Wow.  It was really good.  You got three flavors in a small cup.  That’s a lot.  And they stack them, so you get stripes in your cup.  At all the Italian gelaterias they put the flavors side by side.  The advantage to that is you can get a bit of each flavor on your spoon for every bite.  The disadvantage to that is it is not nearly as pretty.

I had cappuccino, walnut and pistachio flavors.  It is hard to find walnut ice cream and I really love it.  For some reason it makes me think of dessert at my grandparent’s house in Michigan.  That must be the first place I ever had walnut ice cream. And their pistachio ice cream was almost, not quite, but almost as good as the pistachio ice cream at Fior di Luna.  That was our favorite gelateria in Rome and they had the best pistachio ice cream I have ever tasted.  If you ever go to Rome, I highly recommend it.

Princess O had nutella, chocolate and mint chip.  The C-Man had chocolate and mint chip.   That was a departure for him.  Usually he goes with chocolate chip.  He’s branching out.

Oh, and speaking of Princess O and the C-Man, they are still not arguing.  It has been four days now.


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