More about Poutine, and also swimming

Did you know you can get Poutine at the Burger King in Montreal?  You can.  But I didn’t have any so I can’t recommend it.  Of course, it’s Poutine from Burger King so eating it probably isn’t in your best interests.  Then again, eating Poutine at all is probably not in your best interests.

As you may have guessed, we went to Burger King for lunch.  We also went to Old Montreal and poked around a little bit.  I found a Christmas store (of course I did) and I made a super-secret purchase and bought an ornament for myself.  I always buy a Christmas ornament from the places we go on vacation.

From there we went to the pool one last time.  At least, I think it will be the last time.  We are leaving on Monday, so our trip is starting to wind down.  We have started doing the last things we wanted to do, and going back to hit our favorites a second time.

When we left the pool both children were crying because they will miss the pool when we go home.  This always happens.  They cry when we arrive because they want to go home, they cry when it’s time to go because they don’t want to leave.

I remember the C-man bursting into tears in the middle of downtown Sydney and declaring “I want to go home!”  The same child was weeping as we got into the cab back to the airport because he wanted to stay.

So this week will have its weepy moments.  Hopefully we will have some fun too.


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