See, I can hike too.  Today we went to the top of Mount Royal.  And I saw actual nature.

Look! Nature

Of course by hiking I mean walking up paved bicycle paths and up staircases.  But it was pretty on the way up.

But perhaps the weather was not terribly conducive to a day at the summit:

If you look closely you can see darker shapes at the bottom of this picture.  Those are buildings.  You might have to turn up the brightness on your monitor to see them.

The C-man was disappointed because the ice cream vendor was not camped out at the top like last time.  But he made the best of it.

Our next stop was a return to the Science Museum, because it is really cool, and the kids wanted to show it to Tom.

But first, we stopped at Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral, which looks like a mini St. Peters.

And tonight, fireworks.  Assuming it doesn’t rain.


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