Everybody get your pool geek on

Okay, it’s entirely possible that I am the only person in the world capable of getting a pool geek on. But I did.  Do you know why?  Because today The Children and I went swimming in the 1976 Olympic pool!  Squeee!

Olympic Park

To be fair, we were only swimming in the practice pool.  The competition pool is reserved for hard core swimmers only.  And I will not be joining them.  I watched them for a bit thinking maybe I would come back over the weekend and swim while Tom had charge of the Peskies but these swimmers are w-a-a-a-y too serious.  They were doing flip turns, and wearing full body swimsuits, and they all looked really badass.

The other reason why I cannot lap swim with the giants is my lap suit bit the dust.  Stupid cheap-ass lap suit.  Add a new swimsuit to the list of things to buy in West Des Moines the next time we go shopping.

The children of course jumped right into the practice pool and came up sputtering and saying things like “oh my gosh!” and “whoa!” so I could tell the water was not warm.  But when I asked how the water was they lied, lied right to my face and said it was fine.  I called them on it of course and tested it for myself.  Zut alors!  L’eau dans la piscine est tres froid.  Je ne l’aime pas. But after having a stern talk with myself I got in anyway.

I swam a couple of laps just to say I did it.  Then I got out again.

The Olympic complex is very…1976.  The interior has a lot of burn orange and goldenrod tile.  It’s rather unfortunate, but I am sure it was super fashion forward in 1976.  Let’s just say the place isn’t aging well and leave it at that.

Here are the water babies:


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