It was supposed to rain again today.  But it didn’t.

We decided it would be a good day to go back to Old Montreal and poke around a little more.  We also decided it would be a good day to go to the Science Museum.  This was an excellent decision.

The museum has an Imax theater of course, but we did not do the movie, because Imax movies make me throw up.  Not the best way to spend the afternoon.  So instead we checked out the other exhibits, while the children bemoaned their mother’s weak stomach.

First up was this exhibit where you got to produce your own fake news report.  They had computer terminals with about five or six topics to choose from.  Then you could choose your video segments, record an introduction and a conclusion and watch yourself on the computer.  It was very cool.

Next up was an exhibit on sex and the human body, but both children voted to skip that one.  I can’t say I was disappointed.

There was also an exhibit on the science of glass.  It sounded much cooler than it actually was.

The best exhibit was upstairs.  It was called Science 26 and it had 26 different activities tied into science concepts from A-Z.  We were in there for an hour.  Happily they had a lounge area for scienced-out parents.  And ever more happily, I had put my book in my purse.

We wrapped up the day with a visit to the human brain, and then had some frites at a sidewalk café.

The children were dying to purchase their souvenirs, so we wandered in and out of a number of souvenir shoppes.  I looked in vain for a glidey pen for my collection, but had to settle for just a regular pen that is really tacky and cheesy.  Oh well, you can’t have everything.


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