I had the best weekend not hiking or staying in huts.  It was awesome.  First, here is a picture of my bedroom at the hotel


Look at my lovely bed that I did not have to share or anything (I love you honey).  And here is the living room


Yes it was a suite!  And it was all for me.  Ha ha ha.

Saturday morning the front desk called and said they needed to move me to a different room.  I figured it was better not to argue, and they put me in a room on the 26th floor.  With a balcony.  Here is my spectacular view

Can you believe I went out on the balcony 26 floors up?  Neither can I

Eeep! That's a long way down.

I was very brave

So enough silly pictures.  I had a great time.  And I hardly did anything.  I poked around in Bay’s department store for a long time on Friday night.  That’s Bay’s as in the Hudson’s Bay Trading Company.  Very cool.

Then Saturday I had lunch with one of my F1 internet friends who lives near Toronto and that was really fun.

I did some more shopping on Saturday too.  I got some really cool earrings.  And I went to this yarn shop that I won’t name, but the people who worked there were the surliest grumpiest yarn store employees I have ever seen.  Whenever I go to Loopy or Chicks with Sticks everybody is so happy to see you and wants to help you.  Not this place.  But I bought some sock yarn anyway.  It is pink and orange and is not too bright…for Florida.

All in all, a fantastic weekend.  And the kids had a good time in New Hampshire too.


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