Greetings from Toronto

Yes I am in Toronto.  Tom took the kids hiking in New Hampshire but I didn’t want to go.  Why not?  Because hiking sounds waaay too much like camping for my tastes, and I hate camping.

So I took the MegaBus from Montreal. It took about 8 hours.  It was only supposed to take seven hours, but there was a wreck on the highway and we had to take a long and slow detour.  So what can you do?  Amuse yourself by using the free wifi on the bus, that’s what!  How cool is that?  Pretty freaking cool.

My hotel is very fancy.  I may never leave.  Of course I forgot my camera cord so you will have to wait to see my swanky hotel room when I get back to Montreal.

Once I checked in I went for a walk on Yonge Street, which seems to be a main shopping drag.  So I did some shopping (don’t worry Tom, I didn’t buy anything) and had a slice of pizza for dinner.  Hawaiian pizza, which I love and the children HATE so we never get it.  I had a Diet Coke too, but I drank it super fast so when I was done I went to the McDonalds across the street to get another one, this time a Large McDiet instead of a puny can.

Well, the McDiet was rather unsatisfactory.  It was kind of flat, and didn’t have enough ice.  Sigh.  So on the way back to the hotel I stopped at a drugstore and bought yet another Diet Coke for later.  Also some Doritos.

Now I am settling in for an HGTV marathon.  Ahhhh.


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