While poking around on the Internet I discovered a small science museum on the McGill campus.  It’s called The Redpath Museum, and it looked really cute.  So today, the kids and I wandered over there.

The first challenge was finding the museum.  It was not where the map said it would be.  I am not even kidding.  Fortunately there was a friendly security guard by the campus map I was consulting who pointed us in the right direction.  Why on earth would you put a museum in the wrong place?

But we found it:

Covered in scaffolding because that always happens to us.

It was a teeny, tiny little museum, and very old timey.  There were some whale skeletons, and some dinosaur skeletons

And a lot of cases full of rocks and minerals.  The C-man loved that.

There were even some meteorites.  We saw the entire museum in about an hour, maybe a little longer.

We decided we would have to take Tom over to see it sometime. It seems like the kind of place he would like.

On the way home we stopped at Tim Hortons for some donuts.  We needed to build up our strength for an afternoon at the pool.


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