Odds and Ends

I take it back, it wasn’t a cock sucking call (sorry mom)

The FIA’s F1 race director, said on Tuesday that in fact he advised Ferrari immediately after Alonso’s overtaking move that the position should be given back to the Renault.


Grrr.  Stupid, stupid, stupid Ferrari.  They should have given the place back right away and then argued with race control.


People here are doing that thing where I say something to them in French and they answer me in English.  I like to think  it’s because they hear me speaking English with the children and not because my French is that bad.  Either way it is very discouraging.


We watched the Home Run Derby last night with the French commentary.  It was much more entertaining that way.  I suspect we will watch the All Star game the same way.


The children and I spent part of today wandering around the underground city here.  The winters here are so terrible that they have built all these inter-connected shopping malls and plazas underground so you never have to go outside.  I think this is a spectacular idea.


George Steinbrenner died today.  Love or hate the Yankees today is a sad day for baseball.

Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing.



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