The British Grand Prix report – or Karma’s a bitch

The big news this week is that Red Bull’s Mark Webber won the British Grand Prix despite his team’s best efforts to the contrary.

He qualified second, his teammate Sebastian Vettel qualified first.  I don’t even know why I bother writing about who has pole position anymore since it is always Red Bull.  Very, very boring.  But, on the plus side, Alonso qualified third.  This put him in the post-qually press conference.  But of course TSN did not show the post-qualifying press conference.  Bastards.

But anyway, apparently Red Bull brought an updated front wing for the car this weekend.  In fact, they brought two, one for Vettel and one for Webber.  However, Vettel damaged his in practice, so the Red Bull bosses decided to give Webber’s fancy new front wing to Vettel, and make Webber use the old wing.  Well, as you can imagine Webber was pretty pissed off about that.  Why should he have to suffer because Vettel messed up his new toy?  I’ll tell you why, because Red Bull have decided they want Vettel to win the WDC and that they will do what they have to to make that happen.  This is dirty pool.

Now, I have said this before and (apparently) I will say it again.  I don’t care if a team has a clear number one and number two driver.  It works.  But, what I can’t stand is when a team says they are treating both drivers equally when anybody with half a brain can see otherwise.  That is what happened at Red Bull.

So the Red Bulls lined up, Alonso right behind them and they were off.  Alonso got a horrible start and dropped back.  Webber came up to pass Vettel and Vettel went off the road!  He ended up with a punctured tire.  This led to an unscheduled pit stop that put him dead last.  Yep, that’s right.  Dead last.  Karma’s a bitch isn’t it?  Meanwhile, Massa got into Alonso somehow and Massa ended up pitting for a new tire too.  Massa might want to remember that teammates are not supposed to run into each other.  But it’s been so long since he was anywhere near Alonso during a race he must have forgotten.

Kubica and a couple other people got past Alonso at the start.  Later, when Alonso was trying to get past Kubica again, he ended up cutting a corner and then came out ahead of the Renault.  This is against the rules.  If you gain a position by leaving the track you are supposed to give the position back.  But for some bizarre reason Ferrari didn’t tell Alonso to let Kubica by again.  Apparently they were asking race control if they had to cede the position or if Kubica had forced Alonso off, in which case he might be allowed to stay where he was.

Well, in the meantime Kubica had engine trouble and dropped way back.  He ended up not finishing the race.  Then the stewards decided after about seven laps (don’t quote me on that) to hand Alonso a drive through penalty.  Of course then the safetycar was deployed so the marsals could pick up debris on the track.  One of the Sauber’s rear wings had self destructed.

The safetycar bunched up the field and when Alons came in to serve his penalty he ended up in 16th place.  So you know, that’s fair. It was a cock-sucking call (sorry mom)  That call was the sound of the stewards getting even with Ferrari for kicking up such a fuss about the joke of a penalty Hamilton got in the European Grand Prix two weeks ago.

So Webber won.  As he did his victory lap he came over the team radio and said “not bad for a number two driver”.  I love it.

Oh to be a fly on the wall at Red Bull right now.


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