The Pit Lane!

It was hot again today.  Really hot.  So what is the best thing to do on a hot day?  Go to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve with the children and walk the racetrack.

First I prepared a picnic lunch of peanut butter sandwiches and nutella sandwiches and sliced apples.  It all felt very Roman.  I mentioned that to the children and they asked what I meant.  I had to explain that it was just like the many picnics I had prepared during our stay in Rome.

So when its not race weekend they let people drive their cars(!) on the race track or ride their bikes or skate with roller blades.  You can walk it too, but we were the only people doing that.

The cool thing about walking the track when it is not race weekend is you can walk through the pit lane.  The pit lane!

Princess O in the pits!

You never ever ever get to walk in the pit lane if you are not a zillionaire.  We could still see all taped boxes where the cars pulled into the pits during the race. It was so cool.  Every pit had this handy sign painted on the pavement:

See? It says "Front Axle"

And this was painted by the garage doors:

In case you forget where you are

We tried to figure out where the Ferrari pit would have been and took my picture.  But I am not showing it to you.  So too bad.

And then (and this is so cool) we found this:

Race debris

This must have been the Sauber pits.  Sauber has a Spanish driver (Pedro De La Rosa) and a Japanese driver (Komui Kobayashi).   Part of the Japanese sticker was coming up so we peeled it off the pavement and gave it to the C-man.  Kobayashi is his favorite driver (we don’t know why).

The C-Man in the Sauber pits

We also took this picture of the children by the Wall of Champions.  I think I smell a Christmas card.

Merry Christmas!


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