Old Montreal

Whew!  So much to discuss.  I should have posted yesterday but I didn’t.  So here is yesterday’s post, followed by today’s post.  And tomorrow, of course, will be the Grand Prix report at it’s regularly scheduled time.

So yesterday we finally made it to Old Montreal.  We walked down the hill, pointing out interesting sites to the children along the way.  Sites like the hotel where the Ferrari team stays on race weekends, and where we went for dinner the last time we were here.  The children were fascinated, you’ll just have to believe me.

Once we got to Old Montreal we took a little walk, and then went to the archeological museum, which is built on top of the old custom’s house.  You can watch a little movie, and then go downstairs to walk around in the ruins.  It’s pretty cool.  You can see the old foundation walls, and part of an excavated graveyard, and there are display cased scattered casually about the place displaying the odds and ends they have found.  Things like combs, and marbles and dominos and pottery.  I always find things like that very interesting.

They also had an exhibit about Easter Island.  So we checked that out too.  This led to a lot of requests  from the children that I make my mad face.  They think my mad face looks like the faces on the statues.  We are not amused.

After a good poke around the museum we wandered around looking for a place to have lunch.  We looked at the menus of three or four places before going back to the first restaurant we inspected.  Princess O says we did it just to torture her.

Lunch was delicious, and gave us the strength to go souvenir shopping.  Tom needed a hat because he forgot to bring one.  And you know Tom needs to wear a hat.  We checked out three or four shops in search of the perfect hat and then:  he found it.  An  old-school Montreal Expos hat.  It looks fabulous.

Last night we went to the fireworks.  There is an international fireworks competition going on here in Montreal.  But last night was not a competition night, it was just an exhibition.  An exhibition honoring the music of a certain French Canadian Singer.  If you had a radio with you (thankfully we didn’t) you could watch the fireworks and listen to the music of Celine Dione at the same time.  Or you could just jump off the bridge we stood on to watch the polytechnics.

We walked home and finally got the kids to bed at around midnight.  It was a full day.


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