Plan B

It was one of those days.  We were going to go to Old Montreal this afternoon.  We looked up the Metro map online, made a plan and left the apartment.

We had to wait a long time for the elevator.  By the time we got downstairs, it was pouring down rain.  Okay, time for plan B.

We went back upstairs to decide what to do.  Our two options were the Biodome and the giant underground shopping mall under a church.  Of course, could I remember the name or location of that church?  No, of course not.  So we came back upstairs to look up both options online and make a decision.

In the end, I didn’t feel like going to the Biodome, and since I am the one with the map, I get to make the final decision.  There is no way, no way those kids could find the Biodome without me.  They don’t even know how to read French for crying out loud.

So, after googling several combinations of the words “mall”, “church” and “Montreal” we found the shopping mall.  And guess what?  The website said there was a McDonald’s in the food court.  Sweet.  We had a winner ladies and gentlemen.

It stopped raining briefly so we grabbed the map and hit the road.  The mall was quite an experience.  We did some shopping, but didn’t buy anything.  We found the McDonald’s and ate fries and cokes.  Well, I had a Diet Coke (big surprise).  The children have had McDonald’s in some of the finest cities of the world.  Sydney, Rome, Chicago, Florence, Montreal, Venice.  Oh wait, we had Burger King in Venice, scratch that off the list.

We got home just before it started raining again.  The cable was out so the children watched New Moon.  But first I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out why we could see the picture from the DVD player, but couldn’t hear anything.  It turns out the people who had installed it had plugged the audio cables into the wrong sockets.  Sillies.

And so, tomorrow, we will try for Old Montreal again.  And maybe some Poutine.


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