All aboard the Poutine Express again

Phase Two

Well, that went about as well as could be expected.  We got up really really early yesterday morning and enjoyed a delicious free breakfast in the hotel lobby.  Then we piled into the car for a harrowing trip on the Stevenson Expressway to Midway Airport.

We parked and checked in with no problems, then spent an hour in line to get through security.  Fortunately we had allowed plenty of time.  Once we were through the metal detectors and x-ray machines we set up camp at our gate and then went to McDonalds so I could get a large Diet Coke.  Yummy.

The flights were a piece of cake, and the C-man asked if we could always fly Porter everywhere from now on.  If only this were possible.  He also decided he likes pasta salad, so that was something new.

We changed planes in Toronto and then arrived in Montreal right on time. We got our luggage off the carousel and then:  the power in the airport went out.  Oops.  I have no idea what happened, but I swear it wasn’t our fault.  We got a taxi and came to our apartment building.

After a couple of phone calls (thank goodness my new phone works in Canada) we got the keys to our apartment.  It is very cute and very tiny.  I think it may be the smallest apartment we have ever had.  And subscribers who remember our apartment in San Franciso and the one on Abercrombie Street in London will know that’s really saying something.

Unfortunately we do not have internet service in our apartment yet.  Yesterday they said they would hook it up today, now today they are saying tomorrow.  So updates may be slightly irregular until we get that sorted out.  Next time I will have some pictures of the apartment to show you.


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