All aboard the Poutine Express!

Phase One – complete

Greetings from beautiful Bolingbrook, IL.  We have completed the first leg of our journey to Montreal.

We stopped at Steak and Shake on our way here for lunch.  When we were finished eating the waitress came around to ask if I wanted a refill.  I asked if she could give me a refill in a to-go cup.  And she came back with the dinkiest, puniest go-cup I have ever seen.  It was like a kid-size cup.  Hardly worth the effort.  I was not a happy camper.  I drank half of it before we even left the restaurant and left it for dead.  My plan was to get a proper sized Diet Coke when we stopped for gas.

But, oh, no!  The gas station fountain only had Pepsi products.  Pepsi!  Gross. So I had to buy a bottle of Diet Coke instead.  Disappointing.  It made me grumpy but I tried to be a grown-up about it.  I figured I could have a fountain Diet at dinner.  Guess what?  Pepsi products again.  Drat.  It was not a good day for Diet Coke.  But I know for sure I can get a proper fountain Diet at the airport tomorrow.

Other than that slight problem, which really only inconvenienced me everything went fine.  We got to the hotel checked out the pool, had dinner, and now we are watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the Disney Channel.

Tomorrow:  The Airplane.


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